About Us

The Columbia County Foundation for Chiildren (CCFFC) was started over 20 years ago by the late Barbara C. Beazley and other dedicated community members who were concerned about the needs of disadvantaged children and youth in Columbia County. A thrift store -- named the Helping Hands Thrift Store -- was opened in Columbia County near Appling, Georgia. Additionally, the group started a large Christmas assistance program for needy Columbia County children. Both of these enterprises have grown with the support of many generous donors and volunteers.

About the Foundation

The CCFFC is governed by an all volunteer Board of Directors and meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the office of Bill Beazley Homes in Evans, Georgia. The CCFFC is a member of the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce and a major supporter of the students in the Columbia County School System. Referrals for assistance come largely from counselors and social workers in the school system, as well as from the Department of Family and Children’s Services and area churches.

We provide services which help strengthen children's foundation for their roles in life. Services include, but are not limited to, financial support, food, clothing, educational support and recreational activities. Ongoing projects of the foundation are the Helping Hands Thrift Store, a Christmas gift program for children, annual need-based college scholarships and financial assistance for summer school and camps.