Benevolence Fund

What is Benevolence?

Miriam-Webster Dictionary defines Belevolence as:

1:  Disposition to do good

2          a :  an act of kindness

            b :  a generous gift


There is a common misconception that the families living in Columbia County, Georgia are all middle income to wealthy.  While median incomes in Columbia County are higher than the average for the state of Georgia, there are still 9.3% of the population in the county that are living below the poverty level.  (See results here.)  That equates to over thirteen thousand seven hundred persons that may need assistance that are unable to obtain it elsewhere.  The needs of the children of Columbia County are indisputable and vary from clothing, coping aids, program fees for nursing, band, and ROTC, summer school fees, etc.

 The Columbia County Foundation for Children Board received and approved various requests from August 2016 through June 2017 school year as listed below.  Our hope is ultimately to assist children to be successful in school, graduate high school, and pursue a career of their interests and abilities.

If you or someone you know would like to make a benevolence request of the Board, please see your school counselor, case worker, or church leader.

-Children’s clothing/Shoes

Hygiene Items

-Pathway fees – uniforms, testing, etc.

-Cap/Gown for Graduation

-Band and ROTC fees

-Credit Recovery Classes

-Summer Camps

-Summer School for 31 students

-College Scholarships for 37 students

Total Benevolence $4,844


Saturday Sack Program

CCFFC donated, $379.60

(Sponsored by Columbia County Community Connections)


Summer School Scholarships

Thirty-one students received a total of $4,200